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Inaugural Address
January 20, 1961

Dan Rather Speaking On JFK Assassination

Malcom Kilduff Announces JFK's Death

A Handbill Circulated On November 21, 1963 In Dallas, Texas

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Jacqueline Kennedy
First Lady Of The United States

Born: July 28, 1929
Died: May 19, 1994

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier was born into New York society, the eldest daughter of John "Jack" Vernou Bouvier III (1891-1957), a playboy stockbroker of French descent, and his wife, Janet Norton Lee (1906-1989), a bank president's daughter. Her maternal great-grandfather, a potato-famine Irish immigrant, was a superintendent of New York City public schools, though Janet Lee Bouvier preferred to tell people that he was a Maryland-born veteran of the United States Civil War. Her parents divorced when she was young and her mother remarried the wealthy Hugh D. Auchincloss, who had previously been married to the mother of novelist Gore Vidal.

She had a younger sister, Lee Radziwill Ross, who was married three times: to publishing executive Michael Canfield, to Polish prince Stanislas Radziwill, and movie director Herbert Ross. Through their father, the Bouvier sisters were descended from the Van Salees, a merchant family of Dutch/African ancestry that settled in New Amsterdam in the 17th century.

As a child, Kennedy Onassis was a well-trained equestrian and loved horses (and always would, even as an adult). She won several trophies and medals for her riding and the ample land in Hammersmith Farm gave her something to appreciate at the home of her stepfather. She loved writing poems and apparently adored her father. Her mother was said to be old-fashioned and strict, instilling in her children a strong sense of etiquette, manners, dress, and upper-class customs. While she and her father had a warm and affectionate relationship, her mother was apparently more controlling.

Jacqueline Kennedy Biography Continued

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The Zero Factor
1840 - William Henry Harrison
1860 - Abraham Lincoln*
1880 - James A. Garfield*
1900 - William McKinley*
1920 - Warren G. Harding
1940 - Franklin D. Roosevelt
1960 - John.F. Kennedy*
1980 - Ronald Reagan
The Zero Factor
Will George W. Bush fall victim?

Current Results
Seven out of the last eight Presidents that were elected in
a year ending with zero starting in 1840 have died in office.
* Four out of the seven were killed by assassins bullets.
Only Ronald Reagan in 1980 survived the Zero Factor,
although he too was the victim of assassins bullets.


Oliver Stone's self-proclaimed "countermyth," JFK mocks the doubtful veracity of the Warren Commission's findings on the Kennedy assassination and summmarizes some of the myriad theories that have been proposed in its stead. Focusing on the investigation by New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison into the activities of the FBI and other government agencies as well as their attempted cover-ups, Stone weaves fact and speculation into a compelling argument for the reopening of the case files.

View The Movie Trailer To Oliver Stone's "JFK"

The Men Who Killed Kennedy

A medical technician who was at the autopsy states categorically that the body he saw was not the one shown in the official photographs. The mortician who buried Lee Harvey Oswald reveals a startling discovery made 18 years later. A highly decorated Army officer says he was trained to eliminate key witnesses... Forty years after JFK was shot in Dallas, controversy rages around his assassination. The Men Who Killed Kennedy, an authoritative six-part series drawing on exclusive interviews with highly placed government sources and independent investigators, is the most comprehensive examination of the case ever filmed.

The Complete Story in 6 Parts:

The Coup d'Etat - A medical technician casts doubts on the official autopsy photographs, and photo analysis undermines the lone gunman theory.

The Forces of Darkness - See two shadowy figures on the grassy knoll, and find out about the "lost" home movie that contained key evidence.

The Cover-Up - An FBI agent confirms that evidence has been suppressed, and a notorious criminal is confronted about his possible role.

The Patsy - Witness Oswald's reaction when charged with the shooting, and the mortician who buried the alleged assassin reveals what he discovered 18 years later.

The Witnesses - The people who were there - but who the government chose to ignore - tell their versions of what happened at Dealey Plaza. The Truth Shall Set You Free - See conclusive proof that the official autopsy photos were faked, and hear from an Army Colonel who says he was trained to eliminate witnesses to the assassination.